2020 Shipping Updates
Looking back on 2019, we had a great year, thanks to all of our wonderful customers. You have helped to propel this small startup bullet business into real success, and we are deeply thankful for your support.  We know that our simple $2.80/lb pricing is the key to much of that success and we are not changing that in 2020. On the other hand, USPS has announced that they will be increasing shipping costs on January 26th, including small and medium flat rate boxes. This has caused us to have to examine and make an adjustment to how we handle shipping costs. For many of you this will result in no change, and in some cases a slight decrease in cost. The rest of this article explains the details of the change and give examples of how it will effect purchases.

Details of Change

So what are we changing? As of today we are making the change to always charge for shipping. If the package is 15lbs or under, it ships for $7 in a small flat rate box, and if it is 15-65lbs it ships for $14 in a medium flat rate box. This is the same as what we charge today for orders that are less than 4 bags. In addition, we are going to lower the price for sample bags from $17.99 to $14, but charge for shipping. 

The best way to show how this will effect you is with some examples:
2020 Shipping Examples

So the bottom line is:
  • For customer that purchase three (3) or less bags, there is no change
  • For customer that purchase two (2) or more samples, you will pay less
  • For customers that purchase a combination of bags and samples, you will pay less
  • For customers that purchase four (4) or more bags, or a single sample, you will pay for shipping

Are We Still Competitive?

Yes, we are still the best deal around.The simplest to demonstrate this is just to show you a selection of profiles compared to the competitor "bulk" prices.

2020 Price Comparison

As you can see, we still provide the best price per round, delivered to your door. Even when you see holiday specials, or discount codes, we are still the best deal. We just don't go in for taking advantage of our customers all of the rest of the time. Just a great product, at a good price, all of the time.


We really do want to thank all of our customers for their support in 2019. You have made us successful, and we really appreciate that you continue to support us, and enjoy supplying you with winning bullets. The upshot of all of this is that you can just order whatever you need, when you need it. You no longer need to organize your purchases to order in bulk. Just order what you need, when you need it, and you can be confident that you are still getting superior quality at a truly competitive price year round.

As always, keep 'em in the X-ring!
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