I wanted to reply to the many request for status updates on your orders. As you are aware, the ammunition and reloading industry is seeing very high demand now. We are no exception. We are working 16-20 hours a day to fill orders and are in the process of expanding our shop with more space and equipment to serve you better in the future.

I know that some of you ordered when we showed, “IN STOCK” on our site. I am sorry that that was misleading. The truth is we have always padded the inventory numbers but last month we had a major breakdown that put us far behind schedule and exposed the weakness of operating that way. I’ve written a blog post explaining why we chose to do this, so I won’t go over it again, but be sure we had your best interest in mind.

If you received an auto generated email with a confirmation order number (AB-XXXX), we have you in the system and are working hard to ship the order. We are prioritizing production to serve the oldest orders and batching our casting to make the biggest impact on the greatest number of orders. Please understand that when you ask when your order will ship, that we may not know the exact date. We could spend our time modeling production output and coordinating the 1000’s of product variations allowing for unknown breakdowns all to give an estimate of ship date that may not hold true, or we can just make and ship as fast as possible. We have chosen the latter.

At the moment, and this can change, expect around 2-4 weeks for shipment. This is an improvement from over 4+ weeks for some products recently. I don’t know how long the high demand for components will last. My advice is to plan accordingly. Order early, maintain some inventory to get you through this. Once we can, we will fill our shelves and begin shipping by the next day like we used to. Thanks for being our customer, my hope is that you will understand our position and our plan to serve you as quickly as possible. If you need to speak to me, call and leave me a message. 844-647-7683. I’ll call you back.

Steve Lightfoot
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