Bullet Weight Variation of Brazos Bullets
So how much variation should you expect in your cast bullets? We answer with an emphatic not much! Read on to see just how little we are talking about.

Here are Brazos Bullet Company we strive to deliver the best Precision Projectiles on the market, and in addition visual symmetry one of the most important criteria in judging a cast bullet is the weight variation.  In this article we break open a bag our our Hi-Tek coated 9mm-125-RN-BB and weigh 100 bullets on our scale and see how much variation actually exists in a sample of 100 bullets.


First thing to do is to cover how we are going to measure, so lets start with setting up a framework of how we are going to weigh and sort the bullets for our test.  
Sorting Method
In the picture above you can see our scale, which will measure repeatably to 0.02 grain resolution (yes, 2 hundredths of a grain), and a paper with lines that are -1, -0.5, +0.5, and +1 grains from a midpoint. This will give us a variation range of +/- in 0.5 grain increments, which is close enough for pistol shooting. Just to put that amount of variation into perspective, lets look at exactly how much weight are we talking about.
In the picture above you can see two plain office staples on the scale, weighting right at 1 grain. So we are really talking an extremely small amount of variation when we are measuring in 0.5 grain increments.

The Sorting

We start by simply weight bullets and getting an idea of where the mid-point is in the range is going to fall.
After several bullets, we find that the mid-point is approximately 125.5 grains, so we mark that and continue sorting. This means that in the middle column we are sorting 125.00 to 125.99, to the left 124.50 to 124.99, and to the right 126.00 to 126.49.


We continued the process until we have sorted 100 bullets into the ranges, and at the end we have some pretty impressive results.
You can see that we have 87% of all of bullets fall within +/- 0.5 grains of 125.50 grains, with one higher, and 12 lower than that mid-point range.  That means that our bullets have a variation of just over two staples! And remember these were bullets that are Hi-Tek coated as well, so our finishing is extremely consistent and does not add to the variation of the finished bullet.

At Brazos Bullet Company, we are focused on providing the most accurate cast projectiles on the market.  In the coming weeks we will be continuing our efforts to test our bullets, so stay tuned, and keep 'em in the X-Ring!
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