Establishing New Roots!

Moving our Facility.

It has been a wild ride these past 8 years at Brazos Bullet Company. We have some big news and some great opportunities ahead of us. Looking back at our growth since the beginning, there is room for improvements and that is exactly what we have found. 

We have decided to move our facility to Hearne, TX! Still being in the Brazos Valley, we will be able to accommodate large expansion projects and have a new Store-Front!  We have out grown our shop and have decided to change the location of our operations. 

Our New Location.

Our new shop will be located at 204 West Fourth Street, Hearne, TX, 77859 - in the downtown Hearne area. And we plan to be mostly situated there by the end of September 2022.

Our store hours will still be the same - Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

We were able to get our hands on a new, great, location that is admittingly enough, the old Hearne Police Station. Sadly, we are missing the jail cells, but we will make do. 

We know many of our customers have been anticipating this big move and will be happy with the end result - we know we will! Many requests have been made for us to relocate or to remodel the current place we have resided in over the past few years. What has been a thorn in our side is the limited size/capacity of our current shop and the inability to greet customers readily.

Still Operating Through the Move. 

We have built up quite a backlog of our products in anticipation for this move. We will be slightly shut down, the month of September, but we will be accepting orders still and shipping them out! We will announce when our Store is open to the public for those who prefer to purchase in person or pick-up their order(s). 

Please bear with our shipping times, they may be a bit slower due to the movement of our shop. We will be working hard to get up, running, and transitioned over.

As you can see from the picture, there will be a "waiting area" to be able to come to our shop and purchase in-person. 


We will be updating our website weekly about updates on our new shop and all the surprises we have in store for our customers. 

This is a huge step for our little company and are going to have a more permanent place to keep providing the quality bullets our customers enjoy. We are still going strong through these times, this is will be a step forward in our adventures to making a great product at still a great price.

We thank all of our customers for being with us all these years! As always, keep 'em in the X-ring!

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