This has been a very interesting couple of years and as a company, we have certainly had our ups and downs. Just like everyone else, we have had rising prices impact our abilities to get quality products sent out in a timely manner. And as a result, we are forced to increase our pricing to keep up with these costs.  

 What this means is that the price of our bullets are increasing $0.40/lb to $0.90/lb, and shipping is increasing $1 per package. We have ensured that we are still provide the most competitive overall pricing with these changes. 

 These new prices will go into effect, late evening, on May 11th, 2022. This will give our existing customers reading this, immediately after the announcement, 7 days to get one last order in before the increase.

The simplest way to demonstrate this is just to show you (in the table below) a selection of popular profiles comparatively to our competitor('s) "bulk" prices (including shipping costs):

You may notice not all of the profiles are going to go through a significant increase. To make it fair, we are raising the prices in Tiers, as you guys will see in our table below. The prices will range from $52.50 to $60.00 per bag; all depending on the profile/weight of the profile (AKA the difficulty of producing said profile).

Side Note: What makes us so special?

Keep in mind that the price comparison above is versus our competitor “bulk” prices, so you can mix and match what you need, filling a shipping box and still continue to get the best value. In addition, we continue to be one of the only companies that provides custom sizing for each of our amazing profiles. We love that we can offer that flexibility to our customers for their reloading needs. We want to accommodate everyone and will keep going with the growing support from the reloading community. Even with this special accommodation, and the extra labor needed to do so, we are more than willing to continue to keep quality up and get our customers what they need!

End Point.

We really do want to thank all of our customers for their patience with us getting caught up and fighting against these new change(s). We certainly do not want to bring you the news about increasing prices, and understand if this comes as bad news to some of our customers. But, we hope this is understandable due to the recent events in the world. We would not be here without the overwhelming support from our customers, friends and family, and even the other businesses we work with!  

Beautiful bullets straight to your door, provided by us!   

As always, keep 'em in the X-ring!

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