How our pricing works

Posted by Paul Fisher on 3/13/2019 to News
So why is the price $2.80/lb... what kinda pricing is that?

First and foremost, let's clear up the most important point -- this price is competitive with anyone selling cast bullets commercially today. When you then consider that shipping is free when you buy 60lbs (four bags of bullets), then it is a tremendous deal. So bear with us while we break it down.

So lets compare our price for two popular profiles against a few competitor prices -- a 124gr 9mm and a 200gr 45.

124gr 9mm
VendorWax LubeWax w/shippingHi-TekHi-Tek w/shipping
Brazos Precision, Inc.0.04960.04960.04960.0496
Missouri Bullet Company0.06400.06870.07000.0747
SNS Casting

Bayou Bullets


That is a savings of 2.09 to 2.51 cents per bullet!

200gr 45ACP

VendorWax LubeWax w/shippingHi-TekHi-Tek w/shipping
Brazos Precision, Inc.0.08000.08000.08000.0800
Missouri Bullet Company0.0850.09200.09900.1060
SNS Casting

Bayou Bullets


That is a savings of 2 to 2.6 cents per bullet!

So no, we don't sell our bullets in 500 and 1000 count quantities. We don't because it is inefficient for us and our customers. Flat rate USPS postage is the only practical way to ship lead projectiles and we are willing to do that for free if you fill up the box.

In the end, you are getting a better deal, and we are competitive shooter and committed to providing bullets that shoot. We also make it really easy to try out our bullets and see for yourself the value. 

Checkout the Samples - 5 Pounds of any Profile for just $14, plus shipping.

Thanks for listening, and keep the feedback coming!