Inventory Status
In September we announce that we had fallen behind, were backordered and shipments were significantly delayed... sometimes for two months. At the same time were were expanding our capacity, hiring/training new staff, and improving all of our processes.

This is now up and running 7 days a week, for 8-14 hours a day.

We can now announce that the last of the delayed orders are going out this coming week or two, and we are again building inventory on the shelves. Later this week we will begin to reflect that inventory in the store listings, so if you see it in-stock we will ship in our normal 1-3 days.

UPDATE: We have about a dozen profiles with inventory, and will continue to do so over the next week. If a profile is listed as backordered, it should be 1-2 weeks until we ship your order.

Of course, if we get overwhelmed with orders after posting this, we will adjust, add more shifts and get your bullets shipped.

Thank you to all or our loyal customers for sticking with us during these crazy times!


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