Mason Talbert Blows Past 2600... to 2616-100x!
100-9x Timed Fire with Alibi

Our very own Mason Talbert shoots at 2616-100x at the Austin March NRA Precision Pistol Match using Hi-Tek coated 200gr 45 SWC BB.

Previously Mason had shot a high of 2545 at the Phoenix Mid-Winter match in February, but today he turned in an incredible performance that would make anyone proud. We expect this will be the first of many, as he continues to pursue his High Master qualification. Mason is not only a great shooter, but he is also part of the Brazos Bullets team, as our first employee.  He looks after most all of our day-to-day production, so he is absolutely motivated to make great bullets -- and he shoots then directly off the shelf, exactly the same as we ship to you!

This is a brand new gun for Mason -- a tuned-up Springfield Range Officer, made by our very own 2018 National Champion Jon Shue.  The gun is rebarreled with a Kart barrel, the rails welded and trued, and a really sweet trigger job.  Jon does incredible work, and it was great to see this thing in Mason's capable hands.

One of the most incredible targets of the match was this 100-9x Timed Fire, because this also contains an Alibi string! That's right, there are more than 10 shots on that target, and only one that is not an X. I think we can say without qualification that Hi-Tek coated 200gr SWC will shoot Xs as long as the shooter does their part.

So as not to leave anything in question, Mason also had several outstanding Slow Fire targets... 96-1x, 96-4x and 97-3x.

Keep 'em in the X-ring!
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