This update has been overdue to our customers. As some have realized, we are scaling back the profiles we provide on our site. And have realized the delays on your orders. It has taken us a while to realize what has been holding us back from providing quick and easy service and care to our customers. We have had way too many profiles to keep up with and are starting to cut down the list of profiles we will be producing regularly (we will list them here). 

We have also been experiencing some supply chain issues that have affected our ability to keep certain profiles maintained or be able to replace the ones we have been having issues with; most of our customers know we have been waiting over a year for a new 9mm 135gr. mold set (just as an example). We want to keep providing the quality products you guys expect from us and these changes will drastically help us make that difference. We hope this will only be a temporary issue and this will not continue on forever (even though it seems like inflation will never end). We are using other sources to try and obtain the supplies we are in need of to continue on. 

If the supply chain issues can be resolved later this year, we will be bringing back the profiles that have been taken off. Some of the profiles will not be brought back since they are not as popular as they once were and we do not want extra, unneeded profiles to take precedent of what is most important. Do not worry, as we adjust to these changes, we will be doing runs on certain profiles every few months to allow you guys the opportunity to purchase them still; we will announce these runs months ahead. On another note, we will be updating the website all week and will be updating our inventory to reflect the stock we do still have of the profiles we are taking off. We’ll make an announcement for our customers to check back in on. 

Now that we have stopped focusing on damaged mold sets and unnecessary profiles, we will be able to fill outstanding orders this week and future orders in a much timelier manner. We will be focusing on fixing errors to keep improving our ability to serve our customers. We understand if there is some frustration that will come from this announcement, but we know we are doing the best thing to be a better company to our loyal customers. 

We welcome suggestions, comments, etc. from our customers. We want to do everything we can to keep going during these hard times and become much more efficient. Thank you to all of you that have supported us. If you have an order with us that is outstanding, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible; we also will be emailing all customers today and tomorrow about their orders. 

Profiles that are being removed temporarily: 

45-160-BN-SWC-BB-LG (we are bringing these back very soon)

















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