Profile Purchase Limits
While our team here at Brazos Bullet Company has been working hard to get you the quality bullets you have come to expect, we have recently noticed an increase in the number of orders with a large number of bags of a single profile. We understand that these are challenging times with a shortage of reloading components at every turn, and truly understand the temptation to grab up as much supply wherever you can find it. We welcome all of our existing (and new!) customers who have bought from us, supported us, and been patient as we get you the best product we can make.

Recently we have noticed an increasing number of large order for a single profile. Most of these are people tempted to "grab it while you can". Unfortunately, there are some that are buying to resell and take advantage of others that do no know about us.

In order to ensure that this does not happen, and to make sure that we can fairly service all of our customers, we are implementing a limit of six (6) bags of each profile in your order. This should allow everyone to fill up boxes and get the best possible shipping value, and allow us to get order to more customers.

We hope everyone sees this as a reasonable, but necessary action, to allow us to keep product flowing. 

Finally, we will only allow customers to add to their orders so as to fill a partial box, and will ask that further additions are made as a new order. We ask that customers try to make these changes within two days of placing their order, to reduce the confusing in planning production.

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