Reloading Help:

To start off, there is not a “perfect” recipe for loading a bullet. It is all relative and there are many factors to reloading coated casted bullets. There are liability issues for manufacturing companies to hand out reloading data to customers since each gun is different and we cannot give out load data. Some loads may work for one customer but can possibly harm another customer (depending on the powder used, gun being used, etc.). 

Yes, other companies may give out loading information to customers, but we have decided to refrain from doing so. But do not worry, we can help find information pertaining to reloading our Hi-Tek coated bullets and will update this section with useful links that will help customers find a starting point for reloading.  

On this segment you can look at links we’ve found to provide valuable information to new reloaders or reloaders new to reloading lead casted bullets.

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